Khmer Music


The first file found here contains the small selection of music which can be heard here!

In addition to this a torrent file containing as much music of this era as I could compile is also availible.
As far as I know this music is not in the public domain. It is however possible to speculate that all possible owners or rights holders of this content have passed away: Few, if any, reported cases of artists having survived the purges of the Khmer Rogue have occurred.

The efforts taken by Cambodian citizens to preserve their cultural and social history should not be taken lightly. As such, allowing the distribution of this content helps to ensure its future preservation.

It does however make due dilegence to pay respect to those who died for their artistry. If you enjoy this music consider donating to any of the charities that are working hard to undo the lingering shadow of the Khmer Rogue.

The Halo Trust: De-mining operation

Kdei Karuna: Peace Building

Chab Dai: Anti Human Trafficking

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Cambodian Rock Collection

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